Versa Technology’s Top 10 Green Hotels

Versa Technology’s Top 10 Green Hotels

Which Ones Are They, And What Makes Them Special

Green hotels are becoming increasingly popular as people grow more aware of the impact their travel choices have on the environment. More and more people are opting for green solutions to contribute towards environmental protection.

Being “green” encompasses a variety of sustainable factors, from energy efficiency to eco-friendly building materials and waste reduction practices. Keeping these considerations in mind, we’ve curated a list of hotels that stand out for their environmentally responsible features and practices.

These hotels not only prioritize sustainability but also provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for guests and staff. So whether you’re a traveler looking for a more sustainable lodging option or simply interested in learning about innovative green hotel practices, read on to discover our top picks for eco-friendly hotels.

What Do We Mean When We Say Green?

Green can refer to a combination of several elements. It can point to the use of well-building practices, such as the use of light, sustainable building materials, energy efficiency, implementing waste reduction strategies, and many other elements combined. Typically, the factors that create a truly green hotel experience are:

  • Energy Savings: One of the most important aspects of a green hotel is energy savings. Hotels can reduce their energy usage by implementing energy-efficient lighting, installing low-flow water fixtures, and incorporating renewable energy sources such as solar panels. By reducing energy consumption, hotels can save money on utility bills and cut their carbon footprint.
  • Sustainable Practices: Another critical component of green hotels is the implementation of sustainable practices. This can include the use of recycled materials in building construction, the implementation of composting and recycling programs, and the sourcing of locally-produced food and products. By prioritizing sustainability, hotels can support local communities while reducing their environmental impact.

Using these crucial “green” factors as our guiding criteria, we found the top ten green hotels listed below. Each offers a unique set of environmentally-friendly features that make them stand out from the crowd:

1. Hotel Marcel (Net Zero)

Hotel Marcel, located in New York City, is the first net-zero hotel in the United States. This hotel uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to power low-power devices such as LED lighting and occupancy sensors, which helps to reduce overall energy usage.

Marcel Hotel Renovations2. Historic Sinclair Hotel (PoE Supported Amenity Technologies)

The Historic Sinclair Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas, has implemented PoE-supported amenity technologies such as smart lighting and temperature control systems. These systems allow guests to customize their room environment while also saving energy.

Sinclair Hotel using PoE3. Alila Marea Beach Resort Encinitas (Elevated Guest Experience Through Easy-Access Control System)

The Alila Marea Beach Resort in Encinitas, California, has installed easy-access control systems in all of its rooms that allow guests to control their own room environment. This system helps reduce energy consumption while providing an elevated guest experience.

Alila Marea Beach Resort4. Proximity Hotel (LEED Platinum Certification)

The Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina, is one of the first hotels in the world to receive LEED Platinum certification, the uppermost level of accreditation awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council. The hotel features a variety of sustainable practices, including the use of geothermal heating and cooling systems, solar panels, and a rainwater harvesting system.

5. Bardessono (LEED Platinum Certification)

Bardessono, located in Yountville, California, is another LEED Platinum-certified hotel. The hotel uses sustainable building materials and features a rooftop solar panel system that provides energy for the hotel’s hot water needs. The hotel’s restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients from an on-site organic garden and offers complimentary bicycles for guests to explore the area with a reduced carbon footprint.

6. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge (LEED Certification)

The 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in New York City has achieved LEED certification by using sustainable building materials and energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems. The hotel has implemented other sustainable practices, including a rainwater harvesting system and a composting program. This location features a rooftop garden that provides produce for the hotel’s restaurant.

7. The Inn at Moonlight Beach (LEED Certification)

The Inn at Moonlight Beach in California attained LEED Platinum certification thanks to its use of sustainable building materials and power-efficient systems. The hotel also features a solar panel system that provides energy for the hotel’s electricity needs.

8. Hotel Skyler (LEED Platinum Certification)

Hotel Skyler, located in Syracuse, New York, is another LEED Platinum-certified hotel. The hotel uses sustainable building materials and energy-efficient systems and also features a green roof that helps to reduce the hotel’s energy usage.

9. The Allison Inn & Spa (LEED Gold Certification)

The Allison Inn & Spa is located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. This beautiful property is committed to sustainability and has been awarded LEED Gold certification for its efforts. The hotel’s green features include energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems, water-saving fixtures, and a geothermal heating and cooling system. They have also implemented a comprehensive recycling program and source much of their food and wine from local, sustainable producers.

10. The Lenox Hotel, Boston, MA (Green Seal Certified)

The Lenox Hotel is a historic hotel located in Boston, Massachusetts, that is strongly committed to sustainability. The hotel has enacted numerous sustainable practices, including energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems and a recycling program. The Lenox carries a Green Seal certification for meeting strict environmental standards.

Green Hotels are Setting the Standard for Sustainable Travel Using PoE

There are many ways hotels can be “green,” and the top 10 listed above are just a few examples of hotels that have taken steps to reduce their environmental impact. One technology that can help hotels become more energy-efficient is Power over Ethernet (PoE). PoE technology makes it possible for low-power devices to be powered over an Ethernet cable, which meaningfully reduces the energy needed to power these devices. Versa Technology offers a range of PoE solutions for the hospitality industry, including high-power PoE switches and power injectors.

Versa PoE SwitchesIn addition to using PoE technology, hotels can take many steps to become more eco-friendly:

  • Reducing energy usage: Hotels can achieve this by using energy-efficient lighting, installing motion sensors to turn off lights when rooms are not in use, and using intelligent thermostats to optimize temperature settings.
  • Reducing waste: Hotels can minimize waste by implementing a recycling program, using compostable or reusable products, and reducing the amount of single-use plastics. Some hotels have even gone as far as eliminating single-use plastics, a significant step toward reducing waste.
  • Saving Water: Hotels can cut their water usage by installing low-flow shower heads and faucets and implementing a linen reuse program. By encouraging guests to reuse their towels and sheets, hotels can also significantly reduce water waste and contribute to a more sustainable environment.
  • Eco-Friendly Products: By using eco-friendly cleaning products that are non-toxic and biodegradable, hotels can make a significant impact. These products are not only better for the environment but also for the health of guests and staff.

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