ADSL2 + and VDSL2 Technologies from Versa Technology

ADSL2 + and VDSL2 technologies are dependable solutions that provide users with stable network connections and speed. Versa Technology features state-of-the-art equipment to meet the demands of both ADSL2 + and VDSL2. The two technologies feature varying benefits:

What is VDSL2?

VDSL2 is the most advanced standard of DSL line communication and supports a variety of triple play services. VDSL2 is ideal for services such as high definition TV, online gaming, voice, video and data. This technology allows service providers the ability to upgrade current xDSL infrastructure cost effectively. VDSL2 technology features a downstream rate of up to 100 Mbps and an upstream rate of up to 100Mbps or 50Mbps. VDSL2 is utilized as a solution in locations where FTTx cannot reach MDU points. It is also used when fiber speed cannot be deployed further with traditional copper. Since speeds with VDSL2 are comparable to fiber, it is a great choice because as it saves on costs by utilizing existing copper. The protocol is standardized by the International Telecommunication Union telecommunications sector (ITU-T) as Recommendation G.993.2. VDSL2 is an improvement to standard VDSL and allows transmission of asymmetric and symmetric aggregate data rates at a maximum wire speed of 200 Mbit/s utilizing twisted pairs on a bandwidth up to 30 MHz. Although the technology has performance superior to VDSL, it also has the ability to deteriorate. The technology degrades at 1.6 km and then VDSL2 performance is the same as ADSL2+.

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What is ADSL2+ ?

ADSL2 + technology is most commonly deployed as equipment becomes more affordable and plentiful, including ADSL2 Modem units. This technology is typically deployed in locations where line quality is questionable or in rural areas. ADSL2 + lengthens the ability of standard ADSL and increases the number of downstream channels. Data rates with ADSL2+ can be up to 24 Mbit/s downstream and a maximum of 1.4 Mbit/s upstream depending on the distance. ADSL2+ is able to increase the frequency band of standard ADSL from 1.1 MHz to 2.2 MHz. This technology doubles the downstream data rates of standard ADSL2, which was a maximum of 12 Mbit/s. However, like many standards, ADSL2+ will degrade from its highest bit rate after a distance.

ADSL2 + permits port bonding in which many ports are provided to end users. The bandwidth is then the same as all ports. This allows the finished result to be a connection that features, for example, 48 Mbit/s of download speed and double the original speed for uploading. Port bonding with ADSL2 + is also referred to G.998.x or G.Bond and is not available on all DSLAM units.

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