Unmanaged vs managed switch

Are You Using the Right Type of POE Switch? (Updated November 2023)

When it comes to maintaining a network, businesses need to assess their network demands to determine the right type of PoE. They can choose between unmanaged POE switches or managed POE switches.

managed vs unmanaged switch infographic Unmanaged POE switches are relatively inexpensive and their fixed configuration makes it easy to install the ‘plug and play’ device.  That is not to say that unmanaged POE switches do not come with other hardware features.

Unmanaged POE switches can offer a redundant power input, extended operating temperatures, and a nearly noise-free operation among other hardware features.

Many network administrators with heftier network demands opt for managed POE switches. Many of them feature port-mirroring and with the help of a protocol analyzer, can monitor the activity of incoming traffic which facilitates troubleshooting. Managed POE switches also allow network administrators to monitor and prioritize traffic, set up VLANs, and program them through interfaces such as Telnet, SNMP, or console.

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