Top 50 Telcom Blogs

The Definitive Top 50 Telecom Blogs and News Sites To Follow

Do you want to become an expert in the telecom industry? Forbes recommends reading daily digests of the top news and blog sites as one of the crucial steps to become an industry expert in your field.  Versa Technology has collected the top 50 sites to help you become an industry expert in the Telecom and computer networking sphere.

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  1. Fierce Telecom – Fierce Telecom is an invaluable resource that provides the latest news on telecom companies, backhaul, Ethernet, IPTV, and many other telecom trends. Fierce Telecom is part of the Fierce Market family that covers industries beyond the Telecom sector. All Fierce Telecom sister sites offer an array of resources including live events, webinars, e-books, and many other educational resources.
  2. FierceCable – If you’re a cable provider, visit FierceCable to remain on top of the latest news on voice, video and data service trends.  
  3. Fierce Wireless – Follow Fierce Wireless to access expert analysis of trends in the wireless communications industry.
  4. FierceBigData – FierceBigData targets those in the Enterprise IT sector that work with the exponential growth of data. The site provides news on “data management and analytics, data architecture, big data systems, and other key issues”.  
  5. FierceEnterpriseCommunications – FierceEnterpriseCommunications provides current news in the IP communications to maintain enterprise communication providers up-to-date
  6. FierceITSecurity – FierceITSecurity targets those responsible for maintaining the Cyber Security of their enterprise and is a major news source for topics such as security, malware defense, and many others.
  7. FierceInstaller – FierceInstaller is must-have resource for cabling technicians, outside plant engineers, cell site installers and the many other types of installers in telecom sector.
  8. Light Reading – If the Fierce Market Family didn’t cover so many niches, we’d recommend Light Reading as your number one resource to stay up to date in the telecom sphere. Visit this site to find news and information on anything related to the network communications industry including optical, cable, Ethernet/IP developments, and many other related fields.
  9. Telecomramblings – Telecomramblings is another great b2b resource that provides information on the developments on the infrastructure of the Internet such as backhaul networks, long-haul metro networks, VoIP, unified communications and other industries.    
  10. TelcoProfessionals – TelcoProfessionals is  a great site to network with other professionals in the industry. Resources include news, blogs, summits, and an active community of experts.
  11. Network World – Networkworld aggregates the most important news and blogs in the networking industry. Check out their videos to quickly catching up with the latest trends in high-tech.
  12. EETimes – EETimes focuses on a large sector of the Electronics industry but dedicates a hefty portion of its focus to the wireless & networking sector.
  13. USTelecom – USTelecom is THE Broadband Trade Association that keeps broadband service providers and suppliers informed about the latest broadband news and industry events. If you are interested in a year-round access to professional development events along with the opportunity to collaborate with other Telco professionals, consider joining as a member at their site.
  14. ComputerWeekly – TechTarget acquired Computer Weekly back in 2011. Visitors now have the convenience of browsing TechTarget’s vast knowledgebase directly from ComputerWeekly. ComputerWeekly provides information on any of the IT sectors you may find yourself working in.
  15. LightWave – Light Wave provides b2b information on Network Architecture and Optical technologies.  This site offers a vast library of white appears, videos, webcasts and buyers guides.
  16. Telecom Paper – Telecom Paper is another great resource for finding up-to-date information on the telecom industry offering coverage in the Mobile & Wireless, Internet, Broadcast & Satellite and many more key niches within the Telecom industry.  The research company is based in the Netherlands and will offer limited accessibility to registered members. A one year subscription for a light user will cost you about $212. But this blog offers plenty more free resources. Keep reading!
  17. Telegeography – Telegeography is a market research and consulting firm that provides various online reports.  Research areas include International networks, undersea cables, service providers, and wholesale circuit pricing, (this is another one that might not be worth going to).
  18. – is another great resource for those in the communications and technology industry. The B2b technology site features many industry leaders in the Telecom industry as contributors. Don’t forget to check out their podcast!
  19. Enterprise Networking Planet – If you’re an enterprise IT administrator, Enterprise Networking Planet will provide you with the latest market news and technological advancements relating to routers, software, management tools and information.  Check out their vast library of whitepapers and webcasts.
  20. – This news portal features international Telecom market news and offers whitepapers and many more resources to keep you up to date.
  21. TelecomEngine – TelecomEngine is a Teleco media group that provides resources beyond market analysis reports. This is another great resource to access insider information on the Telecom markets around the world.
  22. Developing Telecoms – This is another great resource to keep a pulse on the international Telecom markets including Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.
  23. Telecom Lead – Telecom Lead is a Telecom news portal based in India that offers news and stats on the international markets based in Brazil, China, Africa, and the Middle East.
  24. – Also based in India, ETTelecom provides another international Telecom news portal that will keep you informed on policies, devices, and the industry in general.
  25. Business Today – Business Today reports the latest news on India’s largest broadband and mobile providers.
  26. TelecomAsia – Telecom Asia brings you the latest Telecom news on the Asian market. Visit Telecom Asia for news on some of the biggest Asian Telecom players including ZTE, Huawei, Fiber Home, and Amdocs.
  27. – Telecom Tech News provides news and statistics in a range of industries in topics ranging from IoT to Wimax to VoIP. This is an ideal news source site for serving professionals, developers, operators, marketers, outsources and hardware manufacturers.
  28. ItBusinessEdge – IT Business Edge hosts a variety of blogs from industry experts. Get your business edge in IT Management, Data Center, and other essential tools like tutorials, research reports, and other invaluable content for those in the Telecom industry.
  29. SearchTelecom – Like Fierce Telecom, Tech Target covers a broad range of industries that covers  a variety of technology niches. To learn the latest technological and market news in the Telecom industry, visit SearchTelecom. Visit Search Telecom’s to browse through their several niches!
  30. TelecomTimeout Blog – Telecom Timeout Blog is Search Telecom’s very own blog that provides insightful commentary on telecom trends. Have a burning IT/Telecom question? Visit the site and ask the experts! Telecom Timeout offers a vast array of forums, FAQ’s, glossary, and the latest news on the Telecom industry.
  31. SearchNetworking – Another Tech Target niche, SearchNetworking keeps IT professionals updated on the latest news on network infrastructures, backhaul and metro networks, and many more other key topics in the field.
  32. IT Knowledge Exchange – Browse through Search Networking’s blog, IT Knowledge Exchange, that is maintained by networking exporters to provide commentary on the myriad of subjects related to networking.
  33. – is another fun offspring from Tech Target. If you’re interested in becoming a technology word sleuth, sign up for their daily e-mails to receive a tech vocabulary word of the day.
  34. Telco2.0 – Telco2.0 doesn’t have the sexiest web interface, but the blog, maintained by STL Partners, features up-to-date market reports, forecasts, and research papers. STL is a researching and consulting agency that works “at the intersection of the Telecoms-Media-Technology sectors.
  35. Cellular News – Cellular News provides great market watch analysis for the Telecom industry.
  36. Ethernet Alliance – Ethernet Alliance is one of Versa Technology’s favorite sites. Ethernet Alliance provides updates on the latest developments related to Ethernet Standards. Browse through their webinars, videos, whitepapers and press releases and don’t forget to visit their blog to stay in the loop.  
  37. ITNEWS – IT News provides a plethora of information relating to everything related to IT. Follow their news portal to learn about networking, IP communication, cloud computing, operating systems, virtualization, and many more topics.
  38. Jon Arnold’s Analyst 2.0 Blog – Based in Ontario, Canada, John Arnold has been writing about the IP communications sector since 2008. He heads his own independent telecom analyts and marketing strategy consulting firm.  If you work for the communications sector, visit his site for his commentary on new Telecom tech trends.  
  39. Amy Engineer – Amy Renee describes herself as “a network engineer that is recovering from having joined the “dark side” and done exclusively voice for about three years.” chronicles the lessons she’s learned now that her job involves aspects beyond voice.
  40. High Speed Experts – High Speed Experts is a news portal that provides market information and consumer trends on wired and wireless broadband.
  41. The Register – The Register is a UK-based news source site that provides information on science and technology. The Register provides information on networking, data centers, new software, security and many more topics.
  42. KrebsonSecurity – If you’re in charge of maintaining your enterprise network secure, KrebsonSecurity blogs provides the latest news on cybercrime. Brian Krebs is now a New York Times Best Seller having written “Spam Nation: The Inside Story of Organized Cybercrime-from Global Epidemic to your Front Door”
  43. CIO Dashboard – If you’re a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Information Technology (IT) Director, Chris Curran’s blog has got you covered. CIO Dashboard is the virtual space “Where Technology Leaders Talk”.
  44. Forrester – Forrester is a well-known research company that provides custom market analysis reports and growth strategies. But Forrester also provides great information for CIOs in their CIO blog that features multiple industry experts.
  45. Netwrix Blog – Based in Irvine, California, Netwrix Blog provides a great resource for those concerned with maintaining their IT systems compliant and secure. The corporation is an IT auditing company and their blog keeps IT personnel updated on the latest compliance news.
  46. Data Center Knowledge – Without data centers, we wouldn’t have the luxury of boasting at least 1,2000 Pegabytes worth of information (that’s approximately 1.2 million terabytes according to online sources).  Stay up to date on industry-related news on data-centers with Data Center Knowledge.
  47. Converge! Network Digest – Sign up for Converge! Network Digest’s newsletter to receive daily notifications of international networking news, including wireless and optical technologies.
  48. ConnectWorld – Unlike Converge! Network Digest, Connect World provides expert analysis on current networking trends (as opposed to providing a general market watch).
  49. The Guardian – The Guardian is a British national newspaper that has been a well-respected media group since 1821. Though it has undergone many name changes, the site provides news on Britain telecom companies and great commentary columns. 
  50. Wireless Week – Wireless Week is the go-to-site to get the latest information on devices, carriers, and apps in the wireless industry.

Honorable Technology Mentions

Though we kept our list strictly related to Telecom, we felt compelled to share some great B2C sites besides the obvious Mashable and TechCrunch recommendations (both great sites for tech enthusiasts might we add). Keep reading to explore our Honorable Mentions!

  • The Next Web– Follow The Next Web to get international news on the latest technology and web developments. If you’re looking to hone your SEO skills, check out their TNW Academy as well as their TNW Deals and Conferences!
  • Gigaom – Sometimes it’s worth gaining self-awareness of how you and you’re customers are using broadband technologies as consumers. Gigaom is a great resource that will keep you up-to-date on broadband application trends.
  • A Smarter Planet Blog – IBM has again proven itself as a visionary company with its latest venture, IBM Watson. IBM describes Watson as a cognitive assistant “that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data”. In other words, IBM is search engine much like Google and Siri, but on steroids. Visit the site to learn more about the future of Watson’s search capabilities.
  • IEEE Spectrum –  IEEE Spectrum provides the latest discoveries and developments on physics, science, and robotics. If you love futurism, you’ll love this site! IEEE is one of the most well-respected professional association for Engineers boasting over 400,000 members worldwide.  IEEE also oversees the standardization of Ethernet standards as explained here.
  • Fashioning Tech -Wait, fashion and tech are two completely worlds right? Well, if you’re curious about what happens when the fashion and tech worlds collide, check out Fashioning Tech. Take a sneak peek into your future wardrobe with the latest information on smart fabrics, wearables, and other tech innovations in fashion.
  • How To Geek – Ensure to maintain your inner Geek up to date with How To Geek. How To Geek offers tutorials on Apple, Android, and Microsoft platforms and offers a very active forum where you can beleaguer other geeks with your questions.

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