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Optimizing LED Installs with Intelligent PoE Lighting Platforms

Optimizing LED Installs with Intelligent PoE Lighting Platforms

LED Lighting is booming! As all-in-one IoT lighting platforms become more affordable and easier to both install and use, consumers purchases are ramping up.

One such platform, is the “SmartCast” lighting system from Cree, Inc.

The all-in-one platform approach means components are pre-integrated and don’t require complicated setup. In fact, it’s a 1-touch setup.

Systems are intuitive, visually communicated and require minimal involvement from the consumer.   This all amounts to one seriously consumer-friendly LED lighting platform.

While there are plenty of great companies developing platforms and system control panels, we thought we’d take a deep look at this one. It’s particularly well-suited to illuminate what exactly will drive the platform purchase decisions made by businesses and consumers alike.

So why is platform technology like the SmartCast so popular?

Why Is Platform Technology So Great?

All inclusive platforms make technology simpler, thus saving customers time and money.

The inherent simplicity and ease of use also means greater freedom for the organizations planning to implement the platforms. That also helps developers get applications to the customer faster and in more easily scalable ways.No Management Staff Needed

Need an example? Look no further than the platforms that host software programs like GMail, Salesforce, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools like NetSuite.

A platform in one of those examples would be comprised of operating systems, middleware and other software allowing applications to run in the cloud.

What makes this kind of technology so appealing is that system administration, management and other maintenance are all handled on the platform level for the end user.

Your service sets up servers and vms in the cloud. They install run times in libraries and middleware. The customer just needs to log in. No management staff required!

What Does the Customer Need for One of These Upgrades?

That’s where you, the installer, comes in. You’ll simply need to install the onsite infrastructure for a Smart LED Lighting system.

This would include bulbs, PoE switches, and Cat5a and Cat6 cabling. It would also include any equipment necessary for the larger network that these smaller networks and platforms are going to be attached to.

PoE lighting installs

An install would not include anything on the other side of the Internet. Again, that is done by the provider according to customer specification.

All the end user needs to know is this: by the time their LED lighting system reaches them it will essentially be a ready-to-use dashboard. None of the inner workings fall under the customer’s jurisdiction, all of the grunt work would be done during the install.

A Detailed Look at Cree’s SmartCast Intelligent Lighting System

Now, let’s cover some of the specific features the SmartCast system brings to the table.

First of all, it’s a POE lighting setup. Hopefully you’ve read our coverage of this already, but suffice to say that LED lighting is amazing and has a huge number of applications.

We know off the bat that the operating costs will be low, making it an efficient platform. Low-power ethernet has been gaining traction in the manufacturing sector over the past few years. We think it’s an exciting phenomenon to say the least.

SmartCast also offers analytics software. That means it will collect data and use it to provide optimized lighting for different spaces and functions within any facility or campus of your customer’s organization in which you install it.

SmartCast can even lower costs by recommending ways to save energy and utilize space within your customer’s facilities.

Frankly, on-site IT admins are already generally overworked. They don’t need or want another system to oversee.

SmartCast Advisor was built for precisely this reason. It’s an analytics application built for the SmartCast. It’s capable of monitoring a number of things throughout any buildings in which the SmartCast lighting network is implemented. A large number of customer sites are already operating it with great success.

The application collects data and drives insights immediately upon installation, and can detect what spaces are underutilized.

So, if your customers are in the market for an LED system that provides these functions, Cree’s PoE Lighting network is looking like a pretty solid choice.

CREE's SmartCast Products

“SmartCast Advisor, the first analytics application available on the SmartCast Intelligence Platform, monitors buildings via the SmartCast PoE lighting network.”

Your customer can expect to see the following benefits:

  • Intuitive setup
  • Easy deployment
  • Occupancy / vacancy sensing
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Money aspects | program cost | potential savings through use


At the end of the day, everyone wants to save time and money.

Whether you’re installing a platform like SmartCast for your customers, or implementing it in your own commercial building, it’s a compelling choice that can have a large impact in a number of ways.

Fully integrated platforms like this one save hassle for the end users by featuring killer software, ease-of-use, and automated power saving measures.
If you’re looking for a great way to lower costs for your customers, we definitely recommend you check out the SmartCast!