SD-301 Indoor EPoC Surge Protector

The SD-301 is a surge protector keeping PoE switches, PoE PDs, and any IP device safe from lightning & other forms of electrical interference such as power surges and spikes over networking cables.

  • Supports EPoC Device
  • Protects Common Mode and Differential Mode
  • Protects up to 6KV surge
  • TAA Compliant, made in Taiwan
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The SD-301 is a EPoC surge protection device to prevent Signal/Power path from damage of surge impulse. This design is fit for EPoC application. Additionally, the operation indicator will turn on while protector being out of life. The SD-301 is harden-graded surge protectors operating between -40°C and 85°C & plug-and-play surge protectors defending the surge up to 6KV. The SD-301 is deployed beside EPoC RX device.