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Silicon Hills Texas

Move Over Silicon Valley, Silicon Hills to Entice the Sharpest People in Tech This December

It’s been said that the internet has made the world smaller. But without the proper tribe to disseminate it, stagnant information can disappear into the ethers of cyberspace data, never again to be seen. Hence in the midst of our culture’s “information glut”, conferences more than ever function as an essential part of centralizing a […]

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IP Surveillance Hack Alert: Discover Our Micro Media Converter

Fiber media converters are ideal for the long-distance deployment of IP surveillance cameras. IP surveillance cameras feed high-data video transmission using Ethernet. But for deployments surpassing 100 meters, network installers can utilize fiber media converters at the source and destination of the network link and achieve long-distance connections with high transmission rates.  Versa Technology’s micro […]

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