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Why You Should Use a PoE Switch for IP Surveillance Systems

Why You Should Use a PoE Switch for IP Surveillance Systems

An Internet Protocol (IP) surveillance system can be a great asset to home and business security. Ensure that your IP surveillance systems are fully optimized by utilizing a Power Over Ethernet (PoE) switch. PoE switches make it easy to run multiple IP cameras on one system. A few of the things you should consider when choosing a PoE switch is the type, price, benefits, and the intended purpose of the end-user.

Types of PoE Switches

PoE switches are available in managed and unmanaged models. Unmanaged models utilize preset specifications and provide PoE to available devices; they tend to be cheaper than managed units; however, they only offer basic functionality. Managed PoE switches provide basic functionality as well as enhanced management software capable of troubleshooting and servicing the cameras, cables, and system. Managed PoE switches have a higher upfront cost, but they provide substantially more value and reliability to IP surveillance systems. Both types of PoE switches provide power to multiple ports and are available in four, eight, 16, 24, and 48 port models.

Why Should You Use a PoE Switch?

  • Easy to manage, maintain, and troubleshoot
    – PoE switches provide power to multiple devices, which results in a more streamlined system and fewer wires. PoE switches equipped with a Device Management System (DMS) make it simple to manage, control, and troubleshoot individual cameras. AETEK’s C50 series PoE switches contain an integrated DMS. The DMS software utilizes a straightforward Graphical User Interface (GUI), which provides a visual layout of the network and devices. The DMS enables remote diagnostics and reboot capabilities.

    – PoE switches have an IP address that enables remote access for authorized users. Authorized users can shape the traffic, and manage the voltage of each port, and allocate the power supply for each camera in a way that optimizes individual camera functionality and overall system performance.
  • Great for large and small distances. Expandable with PoE extender.
    – PoE switches transmit data and provide power to surveillance cameras via cat5 or cat6 cables. PoE switches make it simple to power surveillance systems of various sizes. The standard range is 100m; however, a greater distance is achieved by utilizing a PoE extender. AETEK PoE switches are scalable and range from four ports to 24 ports, which makes it easy to have all of your cameras on one system.
  • Reliability
    – A single PoE switch often sustains the entire surveillance system; this makes it convenient to attach the PoE switch to an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which will provide a back-up source of power in the case of a power outage. The managed AETEK PoE switches have a total power budget of 130W to 370W and are equipped with a 6KV PoE surge protection. The AETEK managed PoE switches consists of Layer 2 switching and maintains secure, encrypted data transmission throughout the system.

Advantages of PoE Switches for Home IP Surveillance Systems

Home surveillance systems can provide peace of mind to homeowners. IP camera surveillance enables homeowners to monitor their property via the internet, even when they are away from home. PoE switches are a good investment for homeowners who have multiple security cameras on the property.

Advantages of PoE Switches for Business IP Surveillance Systems

PoE switches contribute to a reliable IP Surveillance system that can provide businesses with protection and security. Video surveillance is an integral part of ensuring the safety of business owners, employees, customers, and property. IP surveillance systems have an additional benefit of being accessible remotely by authorized users, which can provide an additional level of control and security. PoE switches can support small, mid-size, and large businesses.

A reliable PoE switch is an essential part of an IP surveillance system. PoE switches are available in managed and unmanaged models to meet the needs of the user. Unmanaged PoE switches tend to be cheaper than managed PoE switches, however, managed PoE switches feature many valuable aspects that enhance the overall success of IP surveillance systems. PoE switches are an excellent way to manage multiple cameras on a network. Managed PoE switches provide advanced capabilities, a visual layout of the device locations, remote troubleshooting, and remote rebooting. Managed PoE switches also provide authorized users the ability to control the amount of power each port receives. PoE switches are available in a wide range of sizes and can support four, eight, 16, 24, or 48 ports simultaneously. Having surveillance cameras connected to one central PoE switch makes it easier to provide UPS in case of power failure. Security and encryption are an integral part of PoE switches which help protect sensitive data transmission. The type of PoE switch that is best depends on the size and purpose of the surveillance system.

AETEK provides non-managed and managed PoE switches ranging in sizes from four-24 ports. Contact us for more information on how an AETEK PoE switch can optimize your IP surveillance system.