What Visible WiFi Would Look Like

What Visible WiFi Would Look Like

WiFi is technology that we have all come to appreciate. We appreciate the availability of WiFi at our local coffee shop, at parks, public libraries and public network locations. But what if we could see the technology with the human eye? These images created by M. Browning Vogel depict what visible WiFi would look like.

What is WiFi? Essentially, WiFi is a field of energy transmitted as waves. These waves have a distinct height and they travel at a distinct speed. Just like radios, cell phones and televisions, a wireless network uses radio waves. The distance between WiFi waves is shorter than radio waves, although it is longer than waves produced by microwaves. This provides WiFi from interruption by other signals.

WiFi waves travel through space quickly as pulses or waves that are data encoded. By a freeze frame depiction, the pulses display six inches apart. Various objects, such as trees, can block the signal. This requires that various WiFi routers be placed in different positions in order to ensure that coverage is flawless. Utilizing multiple routers can create a field that extends across large expanses in order to transmit over different frequencies.

WiFi routers that are fixed to lamp posts, buildings and other objects create a circular shape data field around the locations. These antennas produce an omnidirectional signal that extends in circular bands equally in various directions. The data transmitted over a band is divided into various sub-channels. The colors depicted in the images display such sub-channels.

WiFi transmitters are antennas with a transmission protocol that separates frequency band into segments or channels. Data can be transmitted efficiently over each channel to send and receive even larger data quantities, faster. WiFi fields are typically in the shape of spheres or elliptical and roughly extend for 20 to 30 meters.

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