Versa Technology Announces Two DSLAM Units


Chino, CA – Feb 27, 2014- Versa Technology, a leading last mile technology company, announced the release of two powerful mini-DSLAM units that are crafted for access network deployment. The VX-1000HDX and the VX-1000MDX are powerful units that showcase 24 or 48 ports ideal for broadband access. This allows for pairing with advanced ADSL platforms for IP network service support.

“The VX-1000HDX IP DSLAM and VX-1000MDX were designed for deployment and are sleek, compact solutions administrators will be surely pleased with,” said Shaw Tien, vice president of Versa Technology. “These incredible DSLAMs feature efficient robust management functions.”

The VX-1000HDX and VX-1000MDX IP DSLAM maintain efficiency since both units utilize the Broadcom chipset. In addition, the units feature ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ support through the POTS/ISDN user interface. The DSLAMs feature stackable technology which allows for higher port density. In addition, the unit handles a wide operating temperature range from -10 degrees Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius. The unit also features protection from system overheating and ensures that administrators are notified if the fan experiences an issue.

“These units are perfect solutions for any administrator who is seeking enhanced management functions and efficiency,” Tien said.

The VX-1000HDX and VX-1000MDX is a great choice for administrators who wish to generate extra revenue with minimal installation and expense. These remarkable DSLAMs allow administrators to offer even more services at different prices with a variety of DSL connectivity speeds. In addition, the units feature a compact design that allows them to sit comfortably in remote terminals or Telcos. The VX-1000HDX and VX-1000MDX are excellent choices for administrators who are seeking reliability, lower power requirements and diagnostic and arm reporting capabilities.

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About Versa Technology

Versa Technology, located in Chino, California, is a leader in last mile technology. The company has offices in the United States, Korea and China. Versa Technology offers fiber and copper last mile solutions and distributes innovative networking equipment, such as Power over Ethernet equipment and VDSL2 and DSLAM units. Versa Technology also provides quality Ethernet extenders, PoE injectors and a variety of networking equipment. The company meets the evolving demands of technology by offering customers quality equipment that is cost effective.

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