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Upgrade Your Ethernet Network to Fiber With Our Slim Profile Micro Media Converters

Versa Technology is proud to announce that we will now be helping businesses convert their Ethernet networks into fiber networks with our new micro-media converter series. Our micro-media converters boast a small form factor ideal for tight spaces. These units support 100FX, 100 FX SFP, or 1000 FX SFP interfaces in Fast Ethernet (FE) and Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) networking environments.

Long-Distance Solutions

Large enterprise environments and small businesses can now leverage the speed of fiber with our micro media converters.

Our SC Fiber models support distances between 2 km and 20 km distances. Our FX SFP models can reach even farther distances up to a maximum of 120 km.

Refer to our sister sites’ collection of SFP modules for a full list of SFP modules that support a variety of different distances and wavelengths. These units allow network administrators to truly customize their networks whether they’re supporting 100BASE-T or 1000BASE-T Ethernet networks.

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Industrial vs. Hardened

Versa technology offers a selection of industrial and hardened micro-media converter units that can reliably withstand high operating temperatures. Our industrial units support temperature ranges between -10 to 60°C while our hardened units support even wider-temperature ranges between -40 to 75°C.

Industrial Models:

Hardened Models:

Our industrial micro-media converters have been especially designed to withstand the extreme temperature and electrical demands typical of industrial environments.

micro media flow chartPlug-and-Play Installation

These industrial micro media converters make it simple to convert an Ethernet network into a fiber network. These units boast a plug and play installation making it simple for network administrators to upgrade their network to fiber.

Simplify Cable Management

Network administrators deploying a series of slim profile micro-media converters might want to consider the VX-R10 Micro Media Converter 19” 1U Rack (Tray) to simplify cable management.

This rack (tray) eliminates the need to individually connect power adapters to a series of micro-media converters. Simply connect a 12B Power Adapter to the Media Converter 19” 1U Rack (Tray) to power a series of micro media units.

These units offer a plug-and-play installation with hot swappable capabilities further facilitating the installation of a series of micro media converters.

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Upgrade to Fiber Security

Optical fiber is a light-based technology and is more difficult to hack than Ethernet-based networks. Unlike Ethernet, fiber doesn’t radiate transmission signals making it extremely difficult to tap.

In the rare case that a fiber connection is tapped, light leakage will cause an entire system to fail. Network administrators can further secure their fiber networks by setting an alarm to go off when such a failure occurs. Networks that carry sensitive information such as military and government sites rely on fiber connectivity for its security and speed. 

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