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The Historic Sinclair Hotel Fort Worth Digitally Transforms with PoE Solutions

The Historic Sinclair Hotel Fort Worth Digitally Transforms with PoE Solutions

Every day, industries are embracing digital technology to provide customer engagement and convenience, and the hospitality industry is no exception. Travel, hospitality and leisure (THL) companies use data analytics programs to gather data on preferences and behaviors to target promotions to the right customers at the right price. And it’s working. “Technology is woven into our lives. We use it to find friends and love, and now meals and hotels,” says Oliver Page, a senior manager at Deloitte Consulting LLP. One hotel that is taking digital transformation to new heights is the iconic Sinclair Building in Downtown Fort Worth, where deploying PoE solutions is allowing designers to provide world-class amenities while protecting its rich Art Deco integrity.

What’s interesting about the Sinclair Hotel, built in 1929 during the oil boom, is not just that it has been restored. It has also been fully updated with every digital amenity to become one of the most energy-efficient hotels in the world. Part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection, this luxury 16-story landmark, is located at 512 Main Street in downtown Fort Worth.

Digital Transformation and PoE Solutions

The Sinclair hasn’t just received an update; it’s digitally transformed. That term gets kicked around a lot these days, so let’s take a closer look at what it means to digitally transform. Forrester, the industry analysis & research firm, explains the particulars in their research study—Digital Rewrites of the Rules of Business.

What’s driving this transformation–digitally–is the need to reinvent your business continuously. Four rules govern this metamorphosis.

  • Rule 1: Deliver easy, effective and emotional customer experiences
  • Rule 2: Focus operations on things customers value
  • Rule 3: Build platforms and partnerships that accelerate scale
  • Rule 4: Innovate at the intersection of experiences and operations

Rule 1: PoE is easy to deliver, effectively supporting innovative technologies that enhance the customer experience.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is digitally transforming hotels like the Sinclair by delivering data and power to low power, energy-efficient devices over a single Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a Ethernet cable. One-cable solutions are revolutionizing retrofits and restorations to historic buildings because they are making it possible to minimize disturbance on fine architectural details within the building. Installers can discreetly place cables that power smart lighting systems and wireless access points in guestrooms while providing innovative and even edgy endpoint devices for outstanding customer experiences.

Sinclair Hotel using PoE

Rule 2: PoE solutions are simple to deploy, allowing the Sinclair to focus on things customers value.

PoE solutions allow the hotel to unify and simplify deployments. Each of the 146 guestrooms, including the penthouse, offers luxurious features like the Kohler Digital Shower with Kohler Konnect™ using voice-enabled technology to deliver a customizable, immersive showering experience. You design a personalized and invigorating shower without lifting a finger. PoE delivers wireless connectivity and powers light and sensors to make showering at the Sinclair a valuable experience.

Sinclair Hotel Bathrooms

When you want to relax after a hard day of work on the road, a digital shower is very valuable.

Wireless access points strategically and unobtrusively placed, give end users all of the internet access they need while respecting the Art Deco authenticity of the Sinclair building.

Rule 3: PoE technologies integrate smoothly with existing platforms that scale easily to meet the demands of end-users.

The systems deployed within the rooms and common spaces of this stylish icon are integrated to provide a seamless experience for visitors. Management can turn lights on and off by jumping on the internet.

One system powers the minibars and light levels. Employees and guests enjoy the convenience of PoE networking, saving time and protecting the environment. The ability to lower light levels also helps lower energy bills.

Interestingly, the entire Sinclair building and the Sanger Building next door pull power from a battery. Talk about green energy.

Sinclair Hotel Guestroom

Rule 4: Innovate at the intersection of experiences and operations

Also featured in guestrooms are Savvy Electric Mirrors, LG OLED TVs, LG wallpaper TVs and more. The Sinclair is fast becoming a mecca for technology geeks in search of a luxury hotel stay.

Savvy Smart Mirrors allow guests of the Sinclair to access smart light systems within the guest room bath and to access apps while they shave or put on makeup in the morning. Apps that offer things like news in the morning, weather or their favorite jam make this hotel stay feel a little bit more like home.

There is also the option for a Savvy Fitness Mirror that can be used to access your workout via app, internet or email. Power and data over one-cable PoE solutions are getting more interesting by the minute.

Savvy SMART Mirror

In addition to this smart mirror capability, guests at the Sinclair can enjoy LG OLED TVs, which give striking contrast in color. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, on the off-chance this wasn’t on your holiday list and something you don’t already dream about at night. OLED technology produces blacks that are deep and rich and whites that dazzle. Screens have 8 million diodes working independently of one another, producing images of spectacular detail.

Finally, the Sinclair goes yet another “cool-tech” mile in providing the LG Wallpaper TV. Aptly sloganed Power. Passion. Performance. These models are super thin and lightweight, attaching directly to your wall with magnets and are a classic PoE solution device receiving power (and data) over one cable. These TVs are so thin they’ve been nicknamed “wallpaper.” Starting at $6K for the 60-inch model, they topped many a holiday list this past holiday season.

Earn Rewards and Burn Fat in the Sinclair Hotel Technogym

The amenities and PoE connectivity continue in the fitness center. Visit the Technogym and use the cardio machines for 20 minutes and you’ll not only get a great workout but actually help power the building. And, if you’re a Marriott’s rewards program member, you’ll also get rewarded with points. It’s not a bad way to start your day.

The Sinclair Hotel Fort Worth opened its doors October 31, 2019. Rooms start at $330 a night.

To learn more about how PoE solutions can digitally transform your home or enterprise, check out our blog for PoE solutions and the SMART trends they power.