The Future of Networking: Top IT Trends for 2023

With regular advancements in technology, coupled with hard lessons from the COVID pandemic, 2023 comes with multiple IT trends. Most trends center on streamlining operational efficiency, improving data security, boosting business resiliency, and fueling growth.

Since the trends are numberless, Versa Technology, an IT frontrunner supplying hardware used in PoE technology, has narrowed to 10 trends that enterprises need to prioritize in 2023 and beyond. Read on to get the knowledge needed to lay the groundwork for 2023.

IT Trends and Predictions for 2023

John Chambers, a respected Cisco executive, once said,  “at least 40% of businesses will die in the next 10 years if they cannot change their company to accommodate new technologies.” Doubtlessly, the sentiments are true since technology provides the agility needed to overcome everyday business obstacles. Our IT experts at Versatek technology have compiled the following IT priorities to help forward-looking enterprises remain competitive.

Accelerated Digital TransformationAI Stat

In the past, businesses adopted IT trends casually. For instance, a majority implemented select technologies at their own pace, which was usually slower. While the slow adopters survived the weakness for some years, the COVID pandemic became an eye-opener.

At the height of the pandemic, businesses had to shape up at short notice or get phased out. Therefore, if you want a better edge against unforeseen circumstances, 2023 is the year to keep adopting IT trends as they come.

That way, your business stands a chance to cope with even the most complex business issues. Furthermore, accelerated digital transformation allows businesses to take full advantage of newer technologies before rivals do.

Ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is slowly becoming a staple in major sectors, including healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, and aviation. That is because the novel technology enhances cybersecurity, data privacy, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance, among other things.

Reliable IT reports reveal that the consumption of artificial intelligence will keep increasing in 2023 and beyond. For instance, in 2020, AI’s market value was estimated at $51 billion, and experts claim it will grow to $641 billion by 2028.

Therefore, if your business has yet to leverage the full potential of AI, 2023 is the year to jump on the bandwagon of tech-savvy companies using AI. You can use it in virtual assistance, security surveillance, production, or inventory management.

Internet of Things

IoT is one IT trend that never goes out of fashion. Why? It encompasses all the intelligent devices like smart sensors, trackers, security systems, computing systems, and anything else that makes IT a reality.

According to IT forecast reports, the internet of things will keep trending into 2023 and beyond. For instance, in 2021, reports indicated there were around 10 billion IoT devices in use. The reports further forecast that by 2025 the number will increase to 25 billion devices.

So, in 2023, your enterprise should actively adopt newer IoT devices that boost productivity, automate processes, streamline communication, and support real-time data analysis.

Cybersecurity    Cyberattack Stat         

Though many data security solutions exist, companies are yet to contain the invaders fully. One cyberattack happens every 39 seconds, meaning in 2023, businesses must keep investing in advanced cybersecurity systems.

Since hackers keep upgrading their game, in 2023, enterprises need to scout around for advanced data breach detection software, antivirus and anti-malware, firewalls, cloud backup, and public key infrastructure.

Alternatives to Cloud Computing 

Though cloud computing is still a great asset in 2023, businesses will scout for advanced alternatives with low latency, improved security, and excellent computing power. Particularly forward-looking companies will go for edge fog and edge computing.

Edge computing is a model that lets businesses handle and process data closer to the point of generation. It offers superb data security, cuts operational costs, and reduces the latency associated with storing data in distant databases. 

In fog computing, data storage and computing applications are between the edge (point of data generation) and the cloud. This computing model reduces the amount of data sent to the cloud, increases response time, and enhances data security.

5G Network5G Stat

The 5G network is the next big trend in mobile networks because it is a step ahead of the current 4G. Although rolled out in 2018, more than 236 million entities have subscribed, and the numbers are likely to soar to 3 billion by 2025.

The 5G network has multiple benefits over its predecessor 4G network. It provides excellent speed, which cuts down the time enterprises take to access files and programs stored in distant applications. As well, 5G has low latency, supports network slicing, and supports a great number of connected devices.

Virtual Reality

VR is another IT craze that is expected to keep getting popular in 2023 and beyond. Its market value was $15 billion in 2020, and experts claim it will keep growing at 18 percent yearly up to 2029.

Already, progressive companies are using virtual reality to hold virtual meetings, training sessions, and product expos. While any other enterprise can use virtual reality, it is more valuable for e-commerce, product manufacturers, gaming companies, sales, real estate, hospitality, and healthcare companies.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has remained on trend since the time it rolled out. Still, IT forecast reports show that it will keep trending in 2023 and beyond since it keeps advancing, giving enterprises newer and better capabilities each year.

Enterprises use augmented reality to enhance product development, streamline manufacturing efficiency, and improve logistics accuracy, among other uses. You can also use augmented reality to offer remote customer support, gain new insights, and increase productivity.

ChatbotChatbot Stat

Currently, around 41 percent of enterprises across the globe are using chatbots to relieve their customer support of repetitive chats. In 2023, more enterprises will use chatbots to address human inefficiencies within the workplace.

The chatbots give consistent answers to consumers, offer support around the clock, and work across multiple channels. Bots cut the costs of hiring more support staff to address customer queries and reduce support wait times.


Blockchain technology is no longer a preserve for cryptocurrency. But, it has found its way to multiple applications with business enterprises. For instance, businesses dealing with sensitive data use technology to minimize data breaches.

In 2023, more businesses will adopt blockchain technology to mitigate the risks of cyber attacks, a persistent issue affecting several businesses. Businesses will also use blockchain to improve data transparency and track shipping and cross-border trade.

Use Power Over Ethernet to Simplify the Implementation of New IT Trends

PoE is a valuable asset for businesses looking to take full advantage of various IT trends. The tech solution uses Ethernet cables to transmit data and power simultaneously, eliminating the need for installing two cabling systems.

The Ethernet cabling used in PoE sends 101000 Mbps of data and 15 to 90W of electricity. Your business can use it to power and interconnect all the IT hardware you need to take advantage of new IT trends in 2023.

Versa Technology is the best vendor for hardware needed to meet challenging network demands. We sell switches, extenders, media converters, injectors, and cameras. Contact us to learn how to prepare your business for 2023’s IT trends.