PoE LED Lighting Installation Checklist Infographic

The Complete Checklist for PoE-Lighting Installations

In our latest infographic, we’re providing a “Quick Start” guide to LED lighting installations.

The LED lighting boom is coming folks, no doubt about it. But remember to be careful! If you’re not prepared for the job ahead of time, you may run into a number of issues.

That’s why we’ve provided you with the complete checklist for poe lighting installations below.

But before we get to the infographic, a little background…

On September 8th, Governor Jerry Brown signed CA SB-32 into law. This law requires a 40% statewide reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. As you may already know, one of the simplest way for individuals and companies to lower their energy consumption is by switching from incandescent and/or fluorescent lighting fixtures, to ultra low-power, PoE enabled LED Lighting Systems.

On average, lighting alone accounts for approximately 20% of a company’s utility budget. Take a look at the following comparison of a standard 60W bulb (800 lumens) to other, more efficient light sources. The information is provided by San Diego Gas and Electric (SDGE).

Bulb Type Yearly Cost to Operate

  • Incandescents: $13.80
  • New Halogens: $9.89
  • CFLs: $3.22
  • LEDs: $2.99

Now, consider how long these bulbs are meant to last.

Incandescents usually only last 1 year. New halogens last 1-2 years, CFLs last 6-10 years, and LEDs range from 15-25 years. I’ll leave the math to you. But it should be clear that the savings from switching to LED are substantial enough to make it more than worthwhile to retrofit your customer’s properties with these systems.

To be fair, even the savings on monthly utility bills alone will cover the installation costs in short order.

After that, the benefits begin to add up fast. Improvedlight quality and fewer bulb replacements to name just a few.

Power over Ethernet technology and its ability to easily scale make LED lighting systems a very attractive option for property owners to act on, and the time is now.

To get started though, you’ll first want to make sure that you have all of the necessary tools and components. So without further ado, the checklist!

PoE LED Lighting Installation