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VX-GPU2626 L2+ Managed PoE Switch

Product Release: VX-GPU2626 L2+ 24-Port Managed GbE UPOE Switch (2200W)

Switches like the VX-GPU2626 l2+ 24-port managed GbE UPOE switch, solidly place networks in the Power over Ethernet (PoE), Type 3 (IEEE 802.3at/af) category by providing 60W of power per port. This power cushion makes expanding or combining the latest device networks easier.

It doesn’t matter how “late” your company or your client comes to the (PoE) infrastructure table, now is always a good time to begin. Transitioning to this technology allows your customers to save money in lower installation costs because only one cable is needed to provide both data and power.

What does this newer standard offer?

Fire, HVAC, lighting, video cameras, wireless access points, and other systems often operate on individual networks, requiring separate administrators to manage and control. With new advances in IP infrastructure, isolated networks no longer have to be the norm.

                                        Power Electronics News, Power over Ethernet is in your future.

The added power at port allows the inclusion of many more devices on the same PoE network.

We’ll put our answer in context with the heftier grade of devices that are being released in the IoT movement. Higher or universal PoE offers twice the power per port as its predecessor, the Type 2, making possible a more sophisticated grade of device.

First, let’s take a minute to review the standards.

PoE redefined—PoE, PoE+, and UPoE

In a steady move toward higher and higher power levels, Power over Ethernet is solidly planted within Type 3 thresholds and advancing toward Type 4. Universal Power over Ethernet (UPOE) multiplies the power per port by 2. In other words, Type 2 / 30W per port has jumped to a solid Type 3/ 60W per port.

There are still some overlapping features as these capabilities are developed but here is a good synopsis of the 4 Types of PoE.

IEEE 802.3 StandardsDevices Supported by UPoE

Having 60W per port for 24 ports and data is a game changer in terms of network configurations. No more silo-ing of device networks. What types of devices will this switch support? Just about anything that requires high power PoE with power and remote network management capabilities.

1. Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) / IP Cameras [and speed dome smart cameras]PTZ IP Camera

Hi-definition IP Cameras connect to the Internet and offer fine resolution so your client can monitor campus. These save storage by relying on motion sensor activation. That saves energy and storage, as HD consumes massive amounts of space and overwrites once it reaches capacity…not good when you need to check back for unusual activity.

The PTZ camera capabilities allow one unit to capture a lot more real estate. These features also require additional power. That’s why a better camera on 60W per port can actually save money. The PTZ makes it possible to cover large areas and zoom in on activity hot spots.

2. Wireless Access Points (WAPs)

As more devices connect, the demand for more responsive, higher capacity Wi-Fi coverage will continue to increase. Dual radio frequency WAPs can link together easily on this 24-port managed switch.

3. Biometric ClocksBiometric Clock

Biometric time clocks used by employees at entrances in high security areas allow companies to monitor activity. These units are also used to clock in and out using a fingerprint scan or other means.

4. Thin Clients

Thin clients are computers that do not have an internal disk or operating system to boot from. Instead, they connect to a server upon bootup to download a desktop OS. Thin clients have smaller footprints and require lower power.

Think of an Apple TV or Amazon FireTV acting as a computer. Versa has worked with large operations that use PoE switches to power thin clients.

5. Digital SignageDigital Signage

Signs placed on the sides or tops of skyscrapers connect easily through the use of PoE injectors and extenders to receive 60W of power at port.

This type of switch adapts to your need with full data and power requirements. The beauty of a managed switch is you can turn off individual ports. This capability helps to access remote technology like digital signage.

Nobody wants to climb down a building in the middle of the night because a sign is malfunctioning.

These UPOE devices are moving us steadily into a connected ecosystem. Here are some specifics and features you get with the VX-GPU2626.

Key features of the VX-GPU2626

The 2626 is an L2+ Managed UPOE Switch. Admins can save time and energy with the adaptability of managed switches. When offered a choice, managed switches are definitely the way to go.

The L2 feature works with MAC addresses and unique in-network identifiers, while L3 works with IP addresses. This switch offers the best of both. Since the IoT is ramping up, L3 features will become a critical functionality for moving data to and from devices and the Internet.

Static Routing delivers better cost performance and lower total cost of ownership in Enterprise networks via fiber or copper connections.

The VX-GPU2626 supports IEEE 802.3at/af standards, PoE Types 2 and 3 using RJ45 connectors.

VX-GPU2626 Power Supply

The unit also includes two 1100W power supply units with the option of purchasing an additional power supply unit to use as a backup power supply.

Other Features for Enterprise-Class Deployment

  • HW performance and environmental flexibility for SMBs and Enterprises.
  • Comprehensive security: IP source guard and ACL to guard your network from unauthorized access.
  • Easy to Install, Configure and Troubleshoot Through the Device Management System (DMS)
  • DMS provides embedded functions to facilitate devices management at anytime and anywhere.
  • Intuitive for those who hate reading manuals. 🙂 Simple to use, and lower total cost of ownership.
  • Energy-efficient. Reduces power consumption and lower the TCO with IEEE’s 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet features.

Final Thoughts

As end-users have realized the efficiency both of installation and operational savings, they continue to find themselves drawn to the PoE and now UPOE solution more and more. Getting management to sign-off on purchase requests and work orders is so much easier when the costs savings are so good.

The manufacturing community has also capitalized on this connected technology in order to stay competitive and are delivering better products. That’s what is now funneling into the IoT.

The VX-GPU2626 offers the next stage of Ethernet —Universal PoE at up to 60W of power per device along with data over the same Cat6 and 6a [4-pair].

Click here, if you are considering a purchase of the VX-GPU2626, and need a spec sheet.