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PoE Lighting Offers Better Light for Less Money [& Other Powerful Benefits That May Surprise You]

PoE Lighting, Circadian Rhythms, and the Benefits Beyond Efficiency

Better quality lighting systems have become much more affordable and easy to use. Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is the perfect support for automated home systems as it sends both power and data to any device in a home network over a single Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cable.

Because PoE supplies power, homeowners won’t need to hire an electrician to put in additional outlets.

Hubs, switches, and injectors comprise networks for a wide variety of devices. All of the latest smart system technologiesvirtual assistants, security systems, smart TVs, WPAs, and PoE lighting systemscan be powered through PoE and PoE Ultra technology.

This article will focus on LED lighting and some of the powerful benefits end users can expect from their wise use.

Basics about light and color

Light changes color based upon light wavelengths. The chart below nm = nanometers. These can be measured on a spectrometer.

Visible Light SpectrumThe 2 colors at the opposite end of the spectrum are red and violet. Red light has the longest waves (in the 700 nanometer (nm) range), while violet the shortest (400 nm).

Violet waves have the most energy of the visible spectrum. As wavelength decreases, frequency increases and, so does the energy that a wave carries. Another way of saying this is: short waves have the most energy.

The shortest waves are found midday when the sun is the highest. The light that is less intense, with longer waves, is found at the beginning and end of a day.

Visible light may be described in terms of wavelength, it may also be described in terms of frequency and temperature. We’ll jump right to temperature because that’s really what consumers look for when choosing lighting technologies.

Light Temperatures

Lighting temperatures are based on the ranges required to heat metal to the required temperature KELVIN to achieve specific colors of light. But we don’t have to make it too esoteric. The designers of these bulbs had real world effects in mind.

  • Bulb settings at 7,500 to 7,000K resemble the softer end of a bright, sunny day.
  • Bulb settings at 1,900 resemble the light you’d get off a candle.

The closer the depiction of light to that found in nature, the greater the benefit to the people who use it.

Light affects the functioning of the human body

Warm light promotes the manufacture of Melatonin, which promotes healthy sleep rhythms.

Cool light promotes the manufacture of Cortisol, which activates anti-stress and anti-inflammatory responses, and balances immune functions.

These frequencies can be mirrored within working or living environments to pattern the effects found in nature at precise points during a day. The effects of these natural types of light are proving to be advantageous in many ways.

Homeowners and companies, too, are bringing these discoveries to play to make the light in environments more conducive to the activity that goes on there.

1. Light frequencies can be harnessed to increase productivity

Can light enhance learning and boost business? The answer is yes. Unfortunately because of legacy building designs, natural light doesn’t always get into the spaces where people need it.

Adjustable LED lighting can help. Middle-intensity light is proving beneficial for people who need to carry out routine business. Without being over-stimulating, it is still more calming than the higher light temperatures of daylight while producing enough energy to help people stay active.

Middle Intensity LED Lighting2. Light can promote better concentration

High-intensity light helps a team or an individual focus better. Test groups, think-tanks, and labs are the types of environments where people benefit from the deployment of highest frequencies.

Wherever important work or problems of high complexity are handled, high-intensity light will help promote the intensity of focus that helps people push through mentally.

Use the brightest light for the brightest thinkingwherever in-depth learning and troubleshooting take place.

High Intensity LED Lighting Uses3. Light can be conducive to collaboration

Different Light frequencies affect the brain in different ways. Further, as light changes over the course of a day, it begins and ends in a lower frequency range which has a golden appearance to it.

That range, as many of you have guessed, promotes waking up and winding down. People tend to be much more relaxed.

Sometimes a hostess will light candles on the dinner table so her guests can relax more fully and engage in conversation.

Lower intensity light is also suitable for presentations and collaboration. It generally causes people to relax and become calm. Nervousness and self-consciousness die out.

As you can imagine, this type of lighting creates a perfect environment for creativity and brainstorming.

Low LED Intensity Lighting Uses4. Light frequencies promote faster healing

On average, people can spend up to 93% of time indoors. Getting the right type of light can offset adverse effects on the brain including things like depression and sleep deprivation. Supplemental light is especially important for shift workers, who spend a good percentage of daylight hours for their sleeping time.

Full-spectrum of light that adjusts over the course of a shift will promote healthier circadian cycles. Reflecting what happens in nature is a fantastic guide to getting people on track who are regaining health or diminishing stress.

Benefits businesses have seen are:

  • Improved productivity
  • Fewer accidents
  • Higher levels of mental performance
  • Better morale

5. LED lighting bulbs actually cost less to use

Healthier, happier workers is a primary consideration but better lighting can actually cost less. Here’s a quick side-by-side glance of what it costs to purchase, run, and how long they last.

Light Bulb Comparison ChartThat’s no longer the case. A recent online search showed that LED bulbs are actually coming down in price. Some of the higher end models are still pricey, but it took a little bit of searching to find the $29.99 unit.Even a year ago it was easy to say that even though LEDs were more expensive to purchase, they would pay for themselves through lower operating costs and longevity.

This technology is becoming more affordable and price less of a deterrent.

Final Thoughts

PoE LED lighting systems definitely pay for themselves over time because of cost efficiency. Combine that with the other benefits smart lighting provides and making the move to buy or have a system installed is really a no-brainer, at home or work.

Nuanced lighting temperatures:

  • Improve mental focus
  • Promote better sleep patterns
  • Enhance recovery in health situations by reducing stress and promoting better sleep
  • Increase creativity and learning
  • And the bulbs actually last longer

PoE in general powers home-automation networks efficiently and without costly visits from licensed electricians.

Whether you’re an installer and need help piecing together the right network or a homeowner upgrading your automation, be sure to reach out for a custom quote for PoE technology or one of our other technologies.

We are delighted to help you achieve a great PoE system.