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Phillips Launches Energy-Efficient PoE-Powered Light Bulbs

Phillips Launches Energy-Efficient PoE-Powered Light Bulbs

The next generation light bulb is here. The latest innovation released by Philips features connected light bulbs powered by Ethernet. These light bulbs will effectively replace standard wiring with Ethernet and utilizes Ethernet to power the LED bulbs. In addition, the bulbs efficiently pass information to and from each lamp. This allows businesses and homes to save on energy, and ensures that business owners reduce power usage. With the ability of each LED light bulb to collect information from various sensors, these bulbs have the ability to report back collected information in order to determine the best temperature. For example, a motion sensor has the ability to count the number of employees in a specified area. A thermometer then sends back the current temperature, allowing managers to monitor any part of the office. Managers have the ability to adjust their lighting and heating options effectively. This can be done simply via a app on a smartphone in order to save money on a business utility bill. In order to operate this new innovation, businesses do need to replace their standard cabling with Ethernet. Although the replacement will cost managers quite a bit, Philips notes there is a 50 percent reduction in the cost to install Power over Ethernet over standard wiring. With the changes in technology, this new light bulb alternative is an innovative option businesses may want to consider.


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