New FSD-504HP Desktop 4 Port Ethernet Switch from Versa Technology

Versa Technology is proud to present the FSD-504HP 4 port PoE switch, a brand new compact desktop switch with tremendous power and network flexibility. Operation in various network environments is simpler than ever. Not only does the FSD-504HP provide efficient network deployment, it also does not impose high installation costs on administrators. Network managers can simply install the unit without complex cabling requirements or power outlets specialized for the unit. The FSD-504HP Ethernet switch is a favorite for small businesses and workgroups that want to craft a stable and innovative network. The unit’s compact size lends to its efficiency and versatility.FSD-504HP

The FSD-504HP is extremely user friendly and features 60 watts of PoE budget. The unit includes 4 ports and an innovative power injector feature. This power injector function can simply power either two IEEE 802.3at standard compliant devices or four IEEE 802.3af standard compliant devices.

Since the unit comes housed in a strong metal casing, it is the perfect choice for use in different network environments. The unit’s casing protects and ensures that the switch operates even in harsh conditions. The FSD-504HP features an additional Fast Ethernet TP interface that gives administrators the ability to provide quality high speed transmission of video surveillance and photography.

With power and data switching available in a single unit, users find the FSD-504HP extremely cost effective. Users also save time and space associated with installation since the unit does not require complex cabling or power outlets set aside specifically for the unit. Small business networks and workgroups will find that the FSD-504HP will satisfy a broad range of needs. This Power over Ethernet unit from Versa Technology will not only provide dependability, it will ensure network security and efficiency. It is a truly remarkable unit and is the best choice that IT managers can make.

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