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Networking Expert Interview | What’s on the Horizon

As part and parcel of providing exceptional support, and developing compelling technology, we’ve needed to attract and retain top network and IT talent.

This week, we wanted to take time to share some detailed insights from one of our outstanding analysts that’s helped to raise the bar for our whole team time and time again.

In fact, if you’ve called in for support once or twice, it’s quite possibly you’ve spoken to him yourself. We’re proud to feature our very own Bung Vong this week.

Bung is a total technology geek and super-enjoys helping our valued installer clientele find better, faster ways to get the job done. When you look good, he looks good.

More specifically, we wanted to capitalize on Bung’s knowledge of emerging trends so that you (our loyal readers) will be well-equipped and prepared for the “next big things” in the network installation space.

So let’s dive in!

quoteVersatek: Thanks for taking a little time away from helping customers to share your expertise on the blog Bung. Before we get started, can you share a little background on how you got started here at Versa Technology?

Bung: Happy to do so!

I was actually employed by a company specializing in external hard drive enclosures that rented a small office space in the same warehouse Versa Technology used. As the hard drive enclosures business started dwindling, Versa Technology’s business grew exponentially and required additional staff to help with shipping as well as customer support. I was eventually brought on board in August 2007 to assist with order processing and shipping.

Versatek: How did you get into networking? Were you that kid growing up who took apart gadgets to see how they worked?

Bung: Networking was actually never my intended field, but it fit the bill.

When I was about 3 or 4 years old, I started playing with my father’s tools that were used at the shipyard he worked for. Everything from rivet guns, plasma cutters, MIG welders, metal sheers and all the sorts of industrial tools.Tool

I rebuilt my first 1.8L 4 cylinder engine when I was 15. This was all purely based on curiosity and the eagerness to understand how things worked. I liked learning about the intended purpose of each component of a system, the weak links, maintenance, application and troubleshooting.

I found myself needing more of a challenge and ended up enrolling in two trade schools for IT. The first one filed for bankruptcy after my first month of attendance. And the second, well, let’s just say I don’t recommend enrolling in trade schools for IT or anything computer related.

With $12k in debt and little to no knowledge in networking, I decided self study would be the way to go. Here I am now, still learning the same way I have been ever since I was a kid.

Versatek: Silicon Valley isn’t the only place in CA where tech is booming, we’ve noticed a lot of other technology companies gaining steam right here in LA. Can you let us know how the industry seems to be doing in your eyes?

Bung: Sure, you’re right! We’ve been noticing a high demand and trend moving towards G.Fast. I’d encourage our readers to check out the following resources if they’re not already up to speed on the G.Fast revolution!

In fact, we’ve been receiving a ton of inquiries lately that are based on when we’ll be releasing our G.Fast products. Whether it’s a G.Fast DSLAM, G.Fast CPE or G.Fast SFP module, network service providers want them now and they don’t want to wait!

In case you’re new to the installation or broadband game, is the latest evolution of DSL. It’s ultrafast–400 Mbps download speeds over 100 meters [330 feet]–and these speeds can be achieved over existing copper wiring. That means recabling is unnecessary in many cases. Lower infrastructure costs make doing upgrades extremely appealing to decision makers. It’s a powerfully big bang for the new-technology buck.LED Lighting

Another trend picking up a lot of steam is the demand for high power PoE injectors, splitters and switches by LED lighting companies, display companies (LED signs in the malls) as well as home automation service providers. Alarm companies such as Bay Alarm have also been involved in using such products as well.

Versatek: Definitely lots to think about as we get closer and closer to 2018. Bung, thanks so much for your time today!

Bung: My pleasure. Looking forward to speaking with any of our readers that may call in and get me on the line!

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of people reading this article, who understand how valuable the self study process can be.

Technology, for many of us, goes beyond the designation of a job. It’s a passion. Some of us set out with that goal specifically in mind, while others find their way here over time.

Bung exemplifies the brilliance and passion we instill in every corner of our business. He embodies the underlying fascination to learn how things work and how we can make them better, faster, and and more accessible (and affordable).

The G.Fast movement reflects that innovative frugality. Take Ethernet technology, and find new and better ways to maximize what this prolific technology can do.

Stay tuned for the release of our G.Fast line of products. If you have questions about this or any of our product lines, feel free to reach out. Either Bung or one of our other analysts will be happy to help.

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