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G.Fast Cracks 4k Market Using Legacy Copper Lines

Sckipio Technologies showcased its G.Fast technology at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and teased broadband providers by streaming 4k content over traditional copper phone lines.


The 16-port G.Fast chipset can stream content at up to 1 Gbps (actual speeds depend on distance from the distribution point) and gives internet service providers (ISP’s) the ability to deliver fiber-like speeds without the hefty investment of deploying fiber-to-the home (FTTH). For more in depth information about how G.Fast works, click here.

Sckipio’s G.Fast chipset can connect up to 16 Ultra HD Televisions and maintain its 1 Gbps streaming speed without experiencing bottlenecks. ISP’s will now be able to satiate the future demand for faster broadband without the cost of deploying FTTH.

Just how much does FTTH cost?

Deploying FTTH is expensive and impractical for ISPs. ISP’s that deploy FTTH invest about $1,500 per dwelling. G.Fast, also known as the G.9701 ITU standard, will reduce deployment costs to about $300 over the last 200 meters. The standard will help broadband providers support several 4k television sets in a neighborhood that utilizes a G.Fast broadband connection. To watch a Skipio demonstration, click here.

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The Drawbacks

But G.Fast does not come without its setbacks. Technology Writer for the EEE Times, John Walk, asserts that “G.Fast will force some providers to move their fiber plant even closer to the customer’s distribution point”. If subscribers don’t find themselves close to a distribution point, they might not benefit from the new G.9701 standard at all.

Skip The 4k Craze

Sure, an ultraHD display sounds tantalizing, but is it worth it? 4k video boasts a resolution of about 3840×2160. But Ultra-high-definition content lumbers without the proper
bandwidth speeds.
Netflix recommends at least 25 Mbps to be able to stream content without experiencing lags. Internet users also need to check that the Over-the-top content (OTT) like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are compatible with their particular brand of television.

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