Expand your Wireless Outdoor Coverage with Our New Wireless Access Point

Expand your Wireless Outdoor Coverage with Our New Wireless Access Point

The WNAP-6308 is an incredible wireless access point solution that simply attaches to an antenna. This innovative unit features the ability to lengthen wireless outdoor coverage.  The offers stable performance with the IEEE 802.11n standard and 1T1R MIMO technology. With a data rate delivery up to 150Mbps, the speed is three times faster than standard 802.11g wireless devices.  The unit’s built in N-type antenna connector makes it connect simply with a variety of high gain antennas including grid, omni directional, flat panel and yagi-design. This ensures that the WNAP-6308 can efficiently deliver even further wireless connection beyond 10km. The WNAP-6308 can be included as an optional with Planet Technology products, models ANT-OM8, ANT-OM15, ANT-FP9, ANT-FP18, ANT-SE18, ANT-YG13, ANT-YG20, and ANT-GR21.

With support for a variety of wireless connectivity, the WNAP-6308 is ideal for access points, Client CPE, WDS PtP, WDS PtMP, and Repeaters. This WNAP-6308 features compatibility with many application requirements and provides users with a user-friendly experience.  The unit allows users to simply craft a wireless network and lengthen the range of the current wireless network. In addition, the unit supports WISP mode, which allows CPE users to connect efficiently to the Internet through WISP mode. This allows CPE users to connect to the Internet utilizing the WISP provider or allows them to connect directly to a wired network.

WNAP-6308-4_sWith incredible security features including 64/128- bit WEP encryption, integration of WPA / WPA2, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK and 802.1x, the WNAP-6308 gives administrators peace of mind. The unit features wireless MAC filtering and SSID broadcast control in order to halt unauthorized users from accessing the network. In addition, the unit showcases Dual-SSID which allows for the setup of different wireless networks. This allows the unit to operate efficiently as an access point for segmented networks tailored to fit an industry or office. The unit features SNMP-based management interface and allows for simple remote management.

The WNAP-6308 is a quality unit that can be installed in outdoor locations. Since the unit operates with efficiency in temperatures ranging from -35 to 65 degrees C, it is a great choice for global use. The unit’s IP55 and outdoor UV Stabilized Enclosure design allows the unit to work stably in heavy rain or wind. In addition, the Power over Ethernet (PoE) design allows the WNAP-6308 to be installed in locations that do not have power outlets. The WNAP-6308 offers an efficient solution to craft outdoor wireless access applications that are between buildings, campuses and other business locations.

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