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New FSD-504HP Desktop 4 Port Ethernet Switch from Versa Technology

Versa Technology is proud to present the FSD-504HP 4 port PoE switch, a brand new compact desktop switch with tremendous power and network flexibility. Operation in various network environments is simpler than ever. Not only does the FSD-504HP provide efficient network deployment, it also does not impose high installation costs on administrators. Network managers can […]

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network security

Network Security Management

Network security management includes various rules and procedures adopted by network administrators to ensure that unauthorized users do not obtain access. Security involves a host of policies that limit access. The process makes the network secure and protects and manages network operations. The basic form of network security provides users the ability to distribute a […]

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View our Micro-Media Converters

IP Surveillance Hack Alert: Discover Our Micro Media Converter

Fiber media converters are ideal for the long-distance deployment of IP surveillance cameras. IP surveillance cameras feed high-data video transmission using Ethernet. But for deployments surpassing 100 meters, network installers can utilize fiber media converters at the source and destination of the network link and achieve long-distance connections with high transmission rates.  Versa Technology’s micro […]

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