ADSL and VDSL2 Broadband Speed Solutions

Versa Technology equipment operates efficiently alongside equipment from various vendors, providing innovative and versatile solutions. The recently released Broadcom Chipset from Broadcom Corporation pairs wonderfully with Versa Technology equipment and ensures higher access data rates for clients. This innovative XDSL system-on-a-chip is a unique product that is ideal for residential gateways that offer XDSL providers lower CPE costs. The BCM63381 device by Broadcom Corporation flawlessly integrates with supporting technology and is a single-chip unit that features simple connectivity. The Broadcom Chipset is ideal for VER-522WR and the MA5616 DSLAM models from Versa Technology.

In addition, the chipset operates efficiently with ADSL and VDSL2 technology that supports G.vector, and is compatible with fast Ethernet switches and PCI-e interfaces. Connection with the chipset allows for the provision of both wireless and wired Internet access cost effectively to residential users.

Users who wish to save on costs and provide fast broadband access and stable networking should consider the Broadcom Chipset paired with Versa Technology equipment. Since many clients require both wired and wireless connection for devices, the Broadcom 28 nanometer BCM63381 is ideal. The device combines various home networking technologies and solutions to integrate it in a single platform.

Utilizing a USB interface, a Versa Technology Ethernet switch and a PCI-e interface that allows for external Wi-Fi, the combination offers a dependable solution for telcos that want to provide residential clients with better connectivity. Administrators can now provide clients broadband speeds afforded by VDSL2.

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