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5 PoE Lighting Platforms Powering the Lighting Solutions of Tomorrow

5 PoE Lighting Platforms Powering The Lighting Solutions of Tomorrow

What is PoE Lighting Technology?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting systems are smart lighting. They improve control over light quality, lower energy bills, and substantially lengthen bulb life. A PoE lighting platform and its fixtures use Ethernet cables to power lights (luminaires) and transmit data between the luminaire and the control software. They may also collect data, such as in a campus setting, using motion sensors to detect the presence of people and signal networks to turn off when not in use. PoE smart technology also connects LED light sources to the internet enabling end-users to access lighting systems and platforms via smartphones remotely.

Why use PoE Lighting Platform technologies?

Platforms give end-users transparency and control across the entire network saving time and money. Smart PoE lighting platform control systems allow access to manage lights as part of larger intelligent building systems because both data and power are transmitted over a single cable. Platforms interface with existing building management systems and can be accessed along with other control systems across a campus or home. The other beautiful thing about a platform is that the vendor is responsible for maintaining and updating the software, firmware and other technical maintenance. All the end-user needs to do is long on.

PoE Lighting Platform technology companies

Versa has developed relationships with talented innovators in the PoE lighting industry to provide solutions that transform the way you and your clients do lighting. This blog will take a closer look at each of these gifted companies–who they are and what they do–to give commercial installers a clear understanding of each of their offerings.

1. Platformatics

Platformatics, as hinted to by their name, is an automated platform based PoE-lighting-system solution developer. It combines intelligent Power over Ethernet (PoE) nodes, lighting fixtures, sensors, wall switches, Ethernet switches, area controllers, and cloud-based applications into fully integrated solutions. Area controllers act as security and provisioning gateways for these systems, which use a modular architecture, including PoE light nodes, to ensure that any LED light that supports the Platformatics power interface works on the system.

By using standards-based Ethernet switches that combine power and control into a single cable, Platformatics makes it easy for IT system integrators to converge lighting with existing IT devices-from access points to video surveillance cameras.

The Platformatics system leverages specific light spectrums and intensities to increase user well-being by making them more comfortable and productive.

Platformatics systems provide flexible, scalable, and secure support for new applications, including white light and tunable white for productivity light as well as emergency and egress lighting. The system also offers monitoring sensors that track light levels and temperatures. Platformatics systems can be fully customized to fit the demands of your organization.

Platformatics - Wall Switch2. IGOR

IGOR, a certified Versatek partner, focuses on Smart Buildings as a whole more than merely the lighting aspect. It’s PoE-based IoT platform, titled Nexos, is designed to manage the smart building. The solution brings sustainability and increased energy efficiency cuts expenses and man-hours through automation and harvesting insights from data mining.

PoE and Smart Building Automation

Nexos connects all electrical elements of a building – lighting, sensors, fans, blinds, security, emergency lighting, heating, and cooling sensors, and more – into a single IoT hub. Anything connected to an Ethernet cable and attached to the Igor PoE Intelligent Building Automation platform is assigned an IP address. This allows it to be controlled and monitored using the Igor’s IoT & smart building management application.

Using the Nexos IoT platform unifies the management of formerly independent systems, allowing organizations to operate at higher levels of efficiency, using their facility data in new ways. These benefits extend throughout the entire life of the building, from modeling and design to renovation and beyond to make possible a truly artificial intelligence (AI) enabled world.

IGOR - Nexos3. Genisys

Genisys (Lighting) is the PoE Lighting division of Innovative Lighting and is the provider of innovative software and hardware PoE lighting solutions for commercial applications. Software controls automate light levels, scheduling and daylight harvesting, among other things. Hardware includes Downlights, Troffers, SmoothLites, Leaf, EnvisionSeries and the control components, which also sell separately. The company also offers Quads, which are self-contained end-to-end, easy to deploy systems for zones within a structure that may be easily expanded later, once an organization has implemented the initial solution.

GENISYS has been recognized for multiple years on the Inc. 5000 list and is a holder of dozens of patents and trademarks, is located in the heart of downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Its solution powers, controls, and monitors lighting all through a safe, low voltage Ethernet cable providing endless possibilities into the digital IoT world.

Genisys - QUAD4. NuLEDs

NuLEDs specializes in PoE intelligent lighting systems that provide the link between LED light fixtures and the Internet of Things (IoT).

NuLEDs PoE intelligent lighting controls connect LED lighting installations to the internet, which allows remote access to IT administrators and facility managers. We provide an essential link between LED smart light fixtures and the Internet of Things (IoT). With NuLEDs technology, lighting can be powered over Ethernet, using low-voltage CAT5 cable, which means existing cable may be implemented that is at this standard or later.

The LED light fixtures get an IP address, interact with networked sensors, devices, and mobile users, and are fully programmable. Versatek has collaborated on several projects with NuLED, including the new 100% sustainable Volvo Building in Northern California.

NuLEDs - SPICEbox5. Cree

Cree’s newly released Smartcast Intelligence Platform is a lighting control system that combines intelligent luminaries with the Internet of Things (IoT) and innovative apps and provides businesses with sensor-rich lighting networks and data-driven insights.

Traditionally, lighting accounts for 25 percent of a building’s electricity usage. Lighting systems based on SmartCast PoE could use 70% less electricity than the standard LED lighting. Cree provides a downloadable savings worksheet to help facility managers perform their own financial analysis.

Cree is a world-class producer of LED lighting and semiconductor products for power and radio frequency (RF) applications. Cree LED chips (integrated circuits) combine InGaN materials with its proprietary SiC substrates to deliver superior performance and high endurance for semiconductor devices and high-intensity LEDs, which operate at high temperatures and voltages.

Cree LEDs are used in various applications such as indoor and outdoor general illumination, intelligent lighting, EV/HEVs, and electronic signs.

CREE - Smartcast Intelligence PlatformLearn how Versatek’s PoE network switches and hubs, injectors and extenders, can support PoE smart lighting platforms and systems for your business or home environment.