3 Simple Ways to Maintain Wiring Closets Cool

3 Simple Ways to Maintain Wiring Closets Cool

Maintaining wiring closets cool is an integral step in preserving the reliability and durability of network and telecom equipment. Condensation, ventilation, and air conditioning are three common methods used to help regulate temperature in wiring closets.

This infographic shows these 3 options to keep in mind when building a wiring closet.Closet-cooling-infographic-02

While air conditioning can seem like the most promising option, it’s important to take into consideration that air conditioners can build up humidity in closed quarters. By eliminating air conditioning as an option, John Scott records how he successfully builds a temperature controlled wiring closet in his mysmarthomeblog. With the simple understanding of the principle of condensation—cold air sinks, hot air rises— and the strategic positioning of ventilation ducts and fans, he managed to maintain his wiring closet at a warm 85  degrees—a perfectly acceptable temperature for a home-based wiring closet.

Setting the thermostat at warmer temperatures is not uncommon. Google maintains their data farms at a warm 80 degrees and boasts that their technicians sport shorts.

Please refer to your networking equipment to determine the proper operating temperatures your networking equipment should be housed in.

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